Did You Know? NextGen Tips

Upload: April 13, 2015

Did You Know??


  • Biggs Pharmacy is Remke Bigg's
  • Kroger has no 's' on the end
  • Bromday must be marked "Dipsense as Written" if you want to use the Brand name.  If not, use the generic Bromfenac

Q: The patient is not live in EHR yet (626177), but there is already information in NextGen from their last visit.

A:  The information that is scanned into Touch Chart is automatically being added into NextGen the night after it gets scanned in.  Also, a folder for today’s visit is created by the front desk regardless of whether the patient is live or not.


Q:  Where do I that the patient is using Oxygen?

A:  This goes in the Med/Surg History tab.  Category: Pulmonary / Procedure:  Oxygen Usage


Q: Where can I document co-manage information such as relinquish date, days billed, code, etc.?

A:  Provider Notes on the Plan Page. This will populate on the Provider Start template at the top.


Q:  Where can I document how old the glasses or contact lenses are?

A:  Home Page


Q: Why can't I see Task Categories when double click on a task?

A:  You need to check the box on the lower left hand corner that says "Task Categories"


Q:  I had live patients in OR today.  When I log into ASC, they are not in my inbox.  I want to create a procedure entry in NG for what I am doing in OR today and have to manually search for patient.
How come they are not in my inbox as a scheduled patient in ASC?

A:  When you are logged into the practice of ASC, the “Providers” are the ASC OR Rooms, therefore, the only way you’ll see the patients is to filter your inbox by the OR room you are in for the day.  Click on the person right beside the date in the Inbox and the choices are there.  However, keep in mind, if any other physician is using that room, their patients will be in that list too.


Q:  How do I know if a pharmacy is able to receive ERx's if they aren't in NextGen?

A:  www.surescripts.com  Enter in the Pharmacy information.  If the Pharmacy accepts E-prescriptions, they will show in the search.


Q:  True or False, I have to create a new encounter to E-prescribe?

A:  False


Q:  Where do I find TouchChart Documents in NextGen?

A:  Categories tab in the History bar.  Currently, they are under the encounter in the History tab as well.


Q:  What template do I use to find glare testing?

A:  Testing template under the core set of Home - OPH


Q:  Can I enter systemic and ocular medications in the same grid?

A:  Yes, NextGen has triggers built to separate them into the correct grid.


Q:  What two aspects of the tech exam do I need to save to the grid?

A:  VA and IOP.


Q:  Where can I quickly find the patient's pharmacy?

A:  Demographics tab, Patient Demographic template.


Q:  If I am scribing for my doctor, who should sign in to EHR?

A:  The scribe.  After documentation is complete, the scribe should log out and the provider should log in to sign off on the Plan page.


Q:  What are the steps to complete the Plan page?

A:  Assessments (select all diagnoses for the patient),

* click General Plan to add all diagnoses at once.  Complete the Plan and Return to Clinic.  Add to Grid.

*  to add individually, click on the Impression box, select the button next to the diagnosis, select the eye, hit Add to add it to the impression box.  Complete the Plan.

Add the Return to Clinic information and Add to Grid.  Repeat for all diagnoses.


Q:  True or False, the ROS addresses how the patient feels "today".

A:  True


Q:  How do you generate the Chart Note?

A:  There are several ways.  From the Tech Exam, hit Tech Report.  From the Provider Start, hit Progress Note.  The final Note is generated automatically when the provider signs off.


Q:  What does the "E" mean in the ERx module?

A:  The medication has been E-prescribed.  You can also right click on the medication and show dispense history.