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Go365 Tips to Get Going

1. Complete the Health Assessment Annually
2. Earn extra points by completing the Health Assessment within 90 days (before March 30)
3. Get a biometric screen
More information about 2019 biometric screens will be available in the coming months.
4. Get a dental exam
5. Get a vision exam
6. Complete calculators on (find this under Activities > Education). Each person can earn points for completing 4 calculators per year. This must be done on a PC.
7. Participate in a 5k race
8. Wear a fitness device if you have one and connect it to Go365
9. Go to Activities > Recommended on for personalized recommendations for points based on YOUR health assessment. This area will suggest different ways for everyone to earn more points and offers very high point values for completing various steps. This must be done on a PC.
10. Most items need to be submitted within 90 days of the date of service, so don’t delay.
11. If you are not on CVP’s health plan, but budgeted to work at least 30 hours per week, then you can also access Go365 for 2019.

Why bother? Because of prizes of course. Go365 has a shopping mall in which you can use your “bucks” for gift cards, fitness devices, and more. During 2018 many employees earned between $200-$400 worth of gifts!